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HCC's Mayle making connections

Halifax Community College's (HCC) Director of Counseling Services Teresa Mayle partnered with the college’s Student Government Association (SGA) in the spring 2011 semester to create a military bulletin board that honors friends and family of HCC faculty, staff and students who serve in the country’s armed forces. The board features stories and photos of retired and active military personnel.


Mayle’s husband is retired from the Army and her brother is actively serving in the Army. She is also connected with the local AMVETS organization as well as the Dallas Jones Roanoke Valley Veterans Center and Museum.


Although she originally got involved in the project to assist the SGA, it quickly grew into something more. She described that at first, the project started off slowly, but then interest grew. "There is still a lot of interest," said Mayle.


Currently, Mayle is looking for more stories and photos and for updates on existing stories. HCC faculty, staff and students are encouraged to drop off any information they would like posted. Those who have served in the military are especially encouraged to participate and share their stories.


"It connects us as a community," said Mayle. She will continue the project as long as there is interest. Plans are to move and revamp the board and have it ready to go by August.


"I want to make this real to people. If it’s not real to you, it’s hard to really care what they’re sacrificing," she added. "The goal is to ease the isolation that many feel and the bigger thing for me is that it unites people."

  Teresa Mayle  
  Teresa Mayle