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"Survivor: Graphic Design" Exhibit opens May 3 at HCC


 "This is my first art exhibit," explained first-year Halifax Community College (HCC) Advertising & Graphic Design student Lydia Garner. What she is referring to is this year’s Advertising & Graphic Design exhibit, "Survivor: Graphic Design" that will kick off with a reception from 7-9 p.m., Tuesday, May 3 in The Centre. The event is free and open to the public. The exhibit will remain open through the end of the semester.


A resident of Garysburg, Garner always enjoyed doing graphics projects for her church, business and organizations, but she wanted to enhance her skills so she enrolled in the college’s program. Garner plans to further her education after HCC, too.


In the exhibit, Garner will display digital pieces and is inspired by her life experiences. "Those experiences make me want to spell it out for the world to see. Sometimes you can’t say it, but you can demonstrate it or draw it and somehow incorporate it into art," she said.


HCC Advertising & Graphic Design Instructor Gloria Tysinger noted that a variety of work will be shown including painting, montage, traditional drawings, photo manipulations, posters, cartoons and sculpture, just to name a few.


"It is an opportunity for people to talk to the artists about their work and for us to appreciate their efforts. Over 30 graphic designers and invited guest artists are presenting," explained Tysinger. Of those artists, there are nine students who will receive certificates, diplomas or associate degrees this May.


"In attending the exhibit, I want guests to see that traditional skills and digital skills have become integrated," Tysinger added. She noted that both types of skills are part of communication and people should not feel restricted to only use one or the other. "We can communicate using different mediums together," said Tysinger.

  “Survivor: Graphic Design” Exhibit opens May 3 at HCC  

View works by HCC Advertising & Graphic Design student Lydia Garner, above, and 30 other artists at HCC’s art exhibit opening and reception from 7-9 p.m., Tuesday, May 3 in The Centre.