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 HCC Department presents “Up From Slavery and Up ‘Til Now”

The Communications and English Department presented the Black History Program, “Up From Slavery and Up ‘Til Now” on Feb. 15 at The Centre. This presentation featured students from Halifax Community College and Roanoke Valley Early College with dance, interpretation of literature, poetry, multimedia slideshows and songs.

 HCC Communications Instructor Sharon Askew explained that from 1450-1750, Europeans traveled to Africa and started a trans-Atlantic slave trade that brought millions of Africans to America. This led to a new social system, “one where the color of one’s skin would determine whether he or she would be free or enslaved,” Askew said. With resistance, African-Americans found hope and faith in the message of equality through the Christian faith. “It was this very potent message from the Christian songs that brought encouragement for many slaves to think about escaping,” she added.

 Program participants included: Dr. Erica Holmes, Sharon Askew, Randy Keemer, Zachary Isles, Sherette Edwards, Edward Garner, Angela Person, Michael Prossner, Maritza Watson, Frank Wilkinson, Marquita Williams, Kenny Jones, Shaun Stokes, Kim Dailey, Susan Merchant, Sade Brown, and Shauna Jones & Company. Also, Teresa Squire, Kristopher Cherry, Jamie Powell, Adrienne Banks, Lenora Williams, Lindsey Robistow, Willie Shields, Christian Alston, Sandra Weden’s class, ThreAnn, Jennifer Burgess, and Dr. Harriet Morrison.

Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald article

Up From Slavery Up From Slavery