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HCC hosts Constitution Day 2010


WELDON, N.C. - Halifax Community College (HCC) hosted its sixth annual Constitution & Citizenship Day, Sept. 10. The event took place in the 100 Building. Federal law requires that any agency receiving federal funds acknowledge Constitution Day.


HCC History Instructor and Department Chair Shaun Stokes coordinated the event. “Constitution Day fosters patriotism and citizenship within the students, as well as the faculty and others who attend the program,” explained Stokes. This Constitution Day focused on the 19th Amendment, which was ratified in 1920.


HCC Communications Instructor Sharon Askew gave the keynote address.


“As we observe this monumental event, be reminded that we are celebrating 90 years of the passage of the 19th Amendment. This is the amendment that gave women here in America the right to vote,” said Askew.


“When the Constitution was written, ratified and signed in 1789, the America that we know today was not the America then. It was different racially, politically, religiously as well as socially,” she added.


Askew noted that several leading figures of the anti-slavery movement questioned the status of women in what was supposed to be a democratic society. She highlighted the accomplishments of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony, Isabella Hooker, Mary Ann M’Clintock and Sojourner Truth, and ended her address by reading Truth’s “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech.


Dean of Curriculum Programs, Dr. Harriet Morrison added, “The Constitution is one of the documents on which this country was built.” She briefly talked about the 19th Amendment, adding, “Where it not for that amendment, no woman in this country would be voting today.”  Morrison encouraged everyone to educate themselves on the Constitution and the women’s suffrage movement and to learn about their rights as a U.S. citizen.


The Amazing Voices of HCC provided entertainment during the event.

Sharon Askew


Sharon Askew