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July 3, 2012
Local high school graduates commit to attend Halifax Community College
WELDON, N.C. – Several local high school graduates have already committed to attend Halifax Community College (HCC) in the fall 2012 semester. These students have applied and met admissions requirements. The students include:

Halifax Academy:
  • Billy Blanton
  • Steven Odom
KIPP Gaston College Preparatory:
  • Justin DiLauro
Northampton County West High School:
  • Tawfic Ghlis
  • Ryckeita Greene
  • UnTonya Parker
  • Tormaine Pruden
  • Jaquan Vaughan (also enrolled in HCC’s Career and College Promise Program)
Northwest Halifax High School:
  • Shai Maynor
  • Latron Richards
  • Jasmine Rogers
  • Raven Taylor
Roanoke Rapids High School:
  • Sheiniquia Day
  • Elaina Felts
  • Jeremy Midgett
  • Alexis M. Santiago
Southeast Halifax High School:
  • Chalera Parker
  • Jacqueshia Taylor
Weldon STEM High School:
  • Nakia Johnson
  • Ashley Sherrod
HCC offers assistance in enrollment, advisement and registration for fall 2012 classes. The steps to begin include:
  1. Submit an application for admission in person or at www.halifaxcc.edu
  2. Submit final official high school and, if applicable, college transcripts (sealed envelopes) and/or GED scores.
  3. Copy of signed security card
  4. Complete the placement test(s) if required
  5. Sign up for HCC's new student orientation (in the admissions office). Students who attend HCC's student orientation:
    • Are more aware of HCC's resources
    • Meet their college instructors before classes begin
    • Are more likely to graduate on time
Go to "See an Adivsor" on the HCC website, www.halifaxcc.edu, or contact the HCC Admissions Office at 252-536-7220 for information.
Billy Blanton
Halifax Academy: Billy Blanton
Steven Odom
Halifax Academy: Steven Odom with HCC Admissions Officer Antonio Squire
KIPP: Justin DiLauro
Northampton County West: Tawfic Ghlis
Northampton County West: UnTonya Parker
Northampton County West: Jaquan Vaughan
Northampton County West: front row, Ryckeita Greene, UnTonya Parker, Tawfic Ghlis; back row, Tormaine Pruden, HCC Admissions Director James Washington, Jaquan Vaughan
Northampton County West: Ryckeita Greene, UnTonya Parker, Tawfic Ghlis
Northwest Halifax: Shai Maynor

Northwest Halifax: Jasmine Rogers
Northwest Halifax: Raven Taylor
Sheiniquia Day
Roanoke Rapids: Sheiniquia Day
Eliana Felts
Roanoke Rapids: Elaina Felts
Jeremy Midgett
Roanoke Rapids: Jeremy Midgett
Alexis Santiago
Roanoke Rapids: Alexis Santiago
Southeast Halifax: Jacqueshia Taylor and Chalera Parker
Weldon Stem
Weldon STEM: Ashley Sherrod and Nakia Johnson
Halifax Community College’s Mission
Halifax Community College strives to meet the diverse needs of our community by providing high-quality, accessible and affordable education and services for a rapidly changing and globally competitive marketplace.
Primary Media Contact: Melanie Temple, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, templem@halifaxcc.edu, 252-538-4319

Secondary Media Contact: Dr. Dianne Rhoades, Interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Halifax Community College and Interim Executive Director of the Halifax Community College Foundation Inc., rhoadesd@halifaxcc.edu, 252-536-7239