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Former HCC student writes books, donates to library

Troy Moore, a former Halifax Community College (HCC) student is an author of two books, so far. He donated copies of both books to the HCC Learning Resources Center recently. An Associate in Arts student at the college until 2004, he transferred to UNC-Pembroke and graduated in 2009 with a degree in mass communications. Moore now works at Dawson Elementary as a teacher’s assistant in a fifth grade class. He credited his HCC English instructors as being major influences in his writing.


“Let’s Finish the Game” was his first book and is a collection of short stories. “No More Games” is a collection of short stories, but they are also part of the main theme of the first book. Both are fictional works. “There is a doctor and several patients and each one exhibits characteristics of the seven deadly sins,” said Moore of the second book.


“These books were interesting to read and they deal with a lot of real issues,” said HCC President Dr. Ervin V. Griffin Sr. who has read both books.


Moore is now writing a third book called “The New Game Begins,” which is a continuation of the second book. He explained that he usually knows how a book will end before he starts writing it. Getting the story to progress to that finish is the difficult part.


Moore also credits the students at Dawson Elementary with inspiring him to write these books. While volunteering at the school prior to his employment, he supervised classes and during that time, shared stories with the children.

  Former HCC student writes books, donates to library  

HCC President Dr. Ervin V. Griffin Sr., left, with Troy Moore and Learning Resources Center Director Mary Gail Cooper.