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HCC Founders Day Celebration Held

Wray Jones

Halifax Community College held a Founders Day Ceremony Sept. 9 in The Centre. Senator Ed Jones and Representative Michael H. Wray were the keynote speakers. The event was a celebration of HCC’s 41st anniversary.

Jones (Dem.) is a member of the North Carolina General Assembly and represents the state’s 4th Senate district including the counties of Bertie, Chowan, Gates, Halifax, Hertford, Northampton, and Perquimans. He described growing up in a single parent household and deciding to attend a technical school, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Institution. “If it was not for the Tech, I probably wouldn’t be standing here today. It’s not about the four-year colleges that you go to or all these degrees in front of your name. It’s about getting an education…and you can have a better quality of life,” said Jones. “You who have children, don’t be afraid to send them to a community college because one day, they could be a senator.”

Wray (Dem.) is also a member of the North Carolina General Assembly and represents the state’s 27th House district including the counties of Northampton, Vance and Warren. He talked about some of the developments from the General Assembly’s last session. “Community colleges are the workhorse of the state economically,” said Wray, who reported that in the past two years, the General Assembly has made many investments in these institutions. For the fiscal year, the state spent about one billion dollars on community colleges. “I think that we get great value for our monies,” he added.

HCC President Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr. acknowledged the area’s legislators and referred to them as “stalwart supporters.” He also highlighted enrollment numbers for the fall 2008 semester. Among these figures, HCC experienced an increase in full-time overall enrollment of more than four percent.