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“Halifax Community College helps area juniors explore careers—even in a recession”

Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr.

President, Halifax Community College

As the nation struggles with the recession, the continued downturn in the economy and huge unemployment numbers, Halifax Community College wants to share career information with those still in high school. I have often said, “The more you learn, the more you earn” and I believe it. As part of educating our youth, HCC has hosted Juniors Learning About Careers (JLAC) Day for the past several years. This year, on March 13, area high school juniors had the opportunity to explore the campus and hear from instructors, students and alumni about different careers.

I spoke during the opening session, greeting our guests to the campus. The juniors were enthusiastic about being on campus. They expressed their appreciation during the school spirit portion of the session. “It’s a pleasure to be here,” commented one student. Another responded, “I love it. It’s awesome to learn more about careers in my field.”

Students toured the campus and took in sessions dealing with a variety of career fields. They came in as a school group, but decided which sessions to attend on their own. Sessions included business administration, computer networking, graphic and interior design, automotive, mortuary science, producing music, healthcare, industrial systems, criminal justice, child care, engineering, firefighting, and teacher education, among others.

During each information session, students were introduced to a career field and then received important details about training required to enter the field, the interpersonal skills needed to succeed, income potential, certification requirements, personal characteristics of those in the career, future opportunities, and what the job entails.

“I found it most interesting that we have the ability to diagnose a car from anywhere in the world via wireless access. You don’t have to go inside and take everything apart,” commented a student interested in automotive careers.

“I plan on becoming a nurse like my mom,” said another student interested in healthcare. “It’s good to see how something you enjoy as a hobby could be a career,” added another student.

With feedback like that, it’s easy to see why we at HCC feel that JLAC is an important campus event and one worth repeating each year for area juniors. Even though the economy weighs heavy on everyone’s minds these days, it is inspiring to see our young people excited about their future career prospects.

Accounting Instructor Rhonda Segars, center, talks about accounting practices during an information session for students interested in accounting careers.



Dental Hygiene Instructor D.J. Markham, left, talks about the dental hygiene program during an information session for students interested in various healthcare careers.