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May  15, 2013
Halifax CC holds pinning ceremony for Class of 2013 Dental Hygiene and Nursing students
WELDON, N.C. – Halifax Community College (HCC) held an Associate Degree Dental Hygiene and Associate Degree Nursing Graduates Pinning Ceremony for the class of 2013, May 9.

Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Joy Cooley gave the keynote address. She gave a brief history of the dental hygiene and nursing professions, highlighted income and growth potential, and noted HCC’s curriculum and training facilities for both programs. She also noted that graduates should be careful about the attitude that they exhibit to co-workers, supervisors, family, friends and patients. “Your attitude as much as your skills will determine what kind of health care professional you are,” said Cooley.

Dental Hygiene graduates included:
  • Shaunna L. Bethea (Colgate S.T.A.R. Award Recipient)
  • Maci Alexandria Bridgers
  • Brooke Lashley Dawson
  • Whitney Justine Dunning
  • Molly Marie Elizabeth Gibbs
  • Sara Story Hedgepeth
  • Morgan Brittany Holland
  • Keaundra Lachelle Johnson
  • Kasey Strickland King (Golden Scaler Award Recipient)
  • Jessica Lynne Newbold
  • Lauren Grimes Reason (NC Dental Hygiene Academy of Advanced Studies Award Recipient)
  • Lauren Ashley Sarmiento
  • Tracy Lynn Saunders
  • Warren Shotwell
  • Kelly Ann Sykes
  • Shelley Marie Williams

Nursing graduates included:
  • Donald W. Acree, Jr. (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • Eileen Pauline Carter
  • Meghan Leigh-Ann Conn
  • Ashley Taylor Flythe
  • Erin Elizabeth Johnson
  • Jessica Blake Johnson
  • Damon K. Lomax, Jr.
  • Tonya Ann Mason (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • Susan Merchant (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • May Patteson (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • Penny Wrenn Powell
  • Jeannie Clemmons Rybicki (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • Vicki Lee Scheidle (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • Georgetta Smallwood
  • Julia Keeter Vann
  • Ashleigh Brooke Walls (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • Amanda Eileen Warren (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • Kendall Michelle Warrick (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • Olivia Leighanne Watson (National Student Nurses Association Member)
  • Rebecca Lynn Whitehead
  • Abbie Elizabeth Williams
  • Tara Jade Wiltsie
  • Kristian Renae Witt (National Student Nurses Association Member)
Nursing Nursing
Halifax Community College (HCC) held an Associate Degree Dental Hygiene and Associate Degree Nursing Graduates Pinning Ceremony for the class of 2013, May 9. Pictured left are the 2013 HCC associate degree dental hygiene graduates. Pictured right are the 2013 HCC associate degree nursing graduates.

About Pinning Ceremonies
The nurse pinning ceremony dates back 1,000 years and began as a Maltese cross, a symbol of Christianity. Over the years, the pin became a coat of arms and eventually has evolved into a design that signifies the school from which one graduated. Other allied health professions are now celebrating with pinning ceremonies.

Additionally, nursing graduates carry lamps which remind them of Florence Nightingale and her work with injured soldiers during the Crimean War. She was known as the “Lady with the Lamp” as she carried an oil lamp to the bedsides of the soldiers to check on them throughout the night.

Both nursing and dental hygiene graduates recite oaths, which remind them of the importance of the work they do daily to promote the health of the communities they serve.
Halifax Community College’s Mission
Halifax Community College strives to meet the diverse needs of our community by providing high-quality, accessible and affordable education and services for a rapidly changing and globally competitive marketplace.
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