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HCC Campus Fund Drive winds up with two going to “Jail”
Activities part of Scholarship Fund Drive to benefit HCC Students

Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr. and Jennifer Jones were sent to the HCC Foundation Jail N’ Bail Center to raise additional monies to benefit student scholarships during the Campus Fund Drive Celebration, Nov. 25.

Halifax Community College Foundation held its annual Campus Fund Drive (CFD) Celebration earlier today at The Centre. The fund drive targets gifts from HCC faculty, staff and administrators. This year’s goal is $20,000. The drive kicked off Oct. 23 during the Scholarship Awards Ceremony & Luncheon. Since that date, the campus community has contributed gifts to specific scholarships and the Foundation’s General Fund to assist in meeting student needs.

“Thank you so much for your support and all of your giving to make our fund drive the success that it is today,” said CFD ‘08 Sheriff Ruby Ward. “Our students really need that money.”

To help meet the goal, an administrator and a staff person were selected to go to the HCC Foundation Jail N’ Bail Center during today’s event to raise more funds. In previous weeks, campus donors voted for the faculty/staff member and administrator that they wanted to send to jail. Prior to the event, the CFD had met 85% of its goal.

Judge Brenda Branch presided over the court session and announced that HCC President, Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr. and his administrative assistant, Jennifer Jones, had been voted to go to jail. After sentencing, each raised enough bail to be released and were placed on probation until the remaining funds are obtained, totaling $3,000 between the two.

“We want everybody to participate,” said Griffin. “Give because you want to give. When we give willingly it comes back in other ways that we don’t even know about.”