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 Enrollment at HCC is up for fall 2008

 Fall semester 2008 enrollments in curriculum programs are in and Halifax Community College’s numbers are up. Enrollment was up four percent overall, with full-time numbers showing a 14.4% increase over last fall. All total, 1,377 students have enrolled at HCC for the fall 2008 compared to 1,325 Fall 2007. These results equal a two percent increase in full-time equivalency numbers on which annual funding is based.

Gender-based figures showed that male enrollment went up 11% and female enrollment remained even. Minority males showed a dramatic 18% increase in enrollment as well.
The HCC population is getting younger, too. Those under 18 equaled a six percent increase, while those 18-24 years old went up 20.4%. Now, the average age of an HCC student is 28, down from an average age of 38 in previous years. Minority students make up 52% in total enrollment, while white students comprise 46% of the population.

Students coming from Halifax County made up a little more than 1,000 students, increasing by six percent. About 73% of HCC students live in the county. Student numbers from Northampton County increased by four percent and make up about 19% of the student body. About 21% of HCC students are freshmen (new for fall ’08), new transfer students make up another nine percent, and 70% are returning students.

The largest numbers of incoming freshman students came from Roanoke Rapids High School, Halifax Academy, Northwest Halifax, Northampton County High School East, Southeast Halifax, Weldon High School, Northampton County High School West, and Hobgood Academy.

Those in college transfer programs make up 48% of the student population and those enrolled in Associate in Applied Science programs total 52%. Those seeking a degree went up four percent, a diploma 11%, and a certificate 16%.

“It looks like we are making progress in the right areas. Our enrollment management team made up of student service staff, faculty, and students are reaching out to different groups in our community and they are responding positively,” said HCC President, Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr. Griffin also credits some of the increased enrollment to the downturn in the economy and the need for constituents to gain much-needed job skills to thrive in a tougher job market.