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Panel discussion and book signing held at HCC
Panelists for the book presentation and discussion of “Are You Raising One of the Next Generation of Hoodlums?” included front row from left, co-authors Prince O. Teal and Dr. Joyce Teal; second row from left, Cornelius Dickens, Judge Brenda Branch, Dean Barbara Bradley-Hasty; third row from left, Chief Mark Macon, Dr. Pocahontas Jones, Rev. Robert Sessoms, and top, Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr.

Halifax Community College welcomed authors, Prince O. and Dr. Joyce Teal, Feb. 6 to discuss their book, “Are You Raising One of the Next Generation of Hoodlums?” as part of Black History Month. The book helps parents with male children to teach that behaviors have consequences and to create awareness of behavioral choices. It also assists parents in being conscious of how they set examples in the home and how children are impacted by that modeling.

The authors defined the word “hoodlum” as an uncooperative, destructive youth who consistently misbehaves. They wrote the book after raising their own children in an effort to help other parents know how to rear better children.

“I am hoping that boys will be raised in such a way that they'll want to live as real men,” said Dr. Teal.

The Teals believe in consistent consequences. “You have to have consistent consequences. You can't allow inappropriate behavior at 2-3 years old and think that you can change it when children turn 15,” said Dr. Teal. “Begin early letting them know that there are consequences and that they will suffer the consequences if they act inappropriately.”

“Parents need to be responsible. You can't put if off on schools and churches—you have to be involved in every aspect of children's lives,” added Prince Teal, who also stressed that parents need to model appropriate behaviors to their children.

A panel discussion included Judge Brenda Branch, Dr. Pocahontas Jones, Dean Barbara Bradley-Hasty, Jerrold Williams, Rev. Robert Sessoms, Chief Mark Macon, Cornelius Dickens and Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr.
A book signing and reception followed the panel discussion. Books are available for purchase at HCC's Bookstore or online at www.untealthen.com.