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Scholarship donors and recipients recognized

HCC student Barbara Motley Smith recognized donors for the contributions made in her life during the HCC Foundation's 20th Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony, Oct. 12.

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The Halifax Community College (HCC) Foundation hosted its 20th Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony on Friday, Oct. 12, in The Centre on the college's campus. A luncheon for donors and scholarship recipients followed, and staff officially kicked off the annual Campus Fund Drive to benefit scholarships.

More than 120 scholarships were awarded to nearly 75 HCC students this year. The scholarships vary widely in amount and selection criteria and are established by individuals, businesses, and civic and professional groups.

“This year marks the 40th anniversary of Halifax Community College and the 31st anniversary of Halifax Community College Foundation,” said HCC President, Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr. “We've had 31 years of caring, sharing and providing much-needed financial assistance to HCC students. Through hard work and dedication, we will continue this tradition.”

“I offer my sincere appreciation to the donors who choose to invest in Halifax Community College and our students,” said HCC Board of Trustees Chairman, Dr. Stanley Edwards. “Your presence today is a testament to the loyalty you have for this institution, and your gifts are proof of your commitment and belief in the power of the educational process.”

HCC Foundation Board Chairman, Charles McElheney explained that the primary role of the foundation is to cultivate support for the college's scholarship program. He announced six new scholarships that have been established including the Dr. Laura Walton Buffaloe Scholarship, the Robert L. Armstrong Memorial Scholarship, the Presidential Initiatives Fund, the Emery W. Doughtie Memorial Scholarship, the Homewood Scholarship, and the New Life Scholarship.

Two special presentations were made in recognition of the foundation's largest donors since its inception. Certificates were presented to the Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce and Kapstone Paper and Packaging Corporation for being major contributors and supporters of the foundation on a yearly basis.

HCC students Rodrigo Martinez and Barbara Motley Smith described how scholarships have impacted their lives. “Attending college is not easy for everybody. In most cases, students have to face financial stress, especially if the student is a non-traditional student who works full time and has a family to take care of,” said Martinez. “It is because of scholarships that I and other HCC students are able to continue our education.”

“Today, I have been given a precious opportunity to personally thank my scholarship donors for making my education much easier financially, emotionally, and mentally,” said Smith. “I recognize that all of the scholarship donors have one important thing in common—they care deeply about our future and the future of the Roanoke Valley. They care so much that they invest their resources into our lives as students...I would not be where I am today had it not been for you all.”

Scholarship recipients included:

  • Sherry Agee—T. Mason & Vivian C. Woodruff Memorial, Roanoke Lumber Company

  • Born Allah—New Dixie Oil Corporation

  • Cheryl Anthony—Dr. Laura Walton Buffaloe

  • Timothy Archer—Wachovia, HCC Leadership Award

  • Tyren Ard—911, Roanoke Rapids Board of Realtors, HCC Honors,

  • Connie Pittman Wardsworth Memorial

  • Lucille Bennett—Damian S. Hawkins Memorial

  • Dennis Bethany—Kapstone Paper and Packaging Corporation, John W. Manning Memorial, Raybon Bone Memorial

  • Amanda Bethel—HCC Honors

  • Katrina Bevier—Roanoke Rapids Jaycees

  • Bryan Bissette—Benny Strickland Memorial

  • Tammy Blanton—HCC Returning Adult

  • Melanie Box—Hoffman-Arthur Dental Hygiene

  • Robin Boze—Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Andrea Brown—HCC Foundation Academic

  • Jennifer Brown—Nash Edgecombe Halifax Dental Society, HCC Dental Hygiene

  • Regina Brown—Nikki Batten Memorial Nursing, Libby Grant, Margaret & Linwood Nixon, Sr. Nursing, Ruth Elliott Oaks Nursing, Halifax Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, Joy Daniels-Lewis Memorial Nursing

  • Cory Byrum—Kapstone Paper and Packaging Corporation, Rightmyer Machine Rentals Construction, Roanoke Valley Energy Facility, HCC Sophomore

  • Tanya Cash—Robert B. Metcalfe Memorial, HCC Sophomore, Ellen Davis Eudy Alpha Delta Kappa Memorial

  • Rolanda Clayton—State Employees Credit Union Foundation, Evelyn Freid Memorial Nursing

  • Brittany Daniels—HCC Freshman

  • Cynthia Davis—Peggy V. Babb Memorial, HCC Associate Degree Nursing Alumni, HCC Sophomore, W.B. Hux Memorial

  • Lisa Delvalle-Moreno—Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Daniel Dickens—HCC Freshman

  • Sherry Dickens—Earl Houston Fuller Memorial

  • Ruby Duckett—HCC Student Services

  • Lauren Elks—HCC Honors

  • Arthur Evans, III—HCC Honors, HCC Association of Educational Office Professionals, Lake Gaston Computer Club, Newsom Oil Company

  • Misty Faloretti—Margaret Gunn Taylor Memorial

  • Michaels Garris—Enfield Chamber of Commerce

  • Rachel Gibbs—Damian S. Hawkins Memorial, Sandra R. Tart Memorial

  • Ashley Griffies—HCC Freshman

  • Megan Hammack—HCC Honors

  • Afina Henry—HCC Honors

  • Brenda Jenkins—State Employees Credit Union Foundation

  • Jeanette Johnson—Clellie M. Taylor Memorial

  • Sonya Johnson—Gloria Amelia Maxwell Memorial, HCC Leadership Award

  • Carolyn Jones—HCC Student Services

  • Rennie Joyner—Westpoint Stevens

  • Sarah Lafoon—Vivan Staley Memorial Cosmetology, HCC Freshman

  • Qiana Mann—Daily Herald Women In Business

  • Rodrigo Martinez—HCC Leadership Award, GlaxoSmithKline Teacher Preparation

  • Christina Matthews—Fanny Marks-Marcella and Bob Liverman, Elizabeth Marie Nielsen Schuelke Memorial

  • Amber McCoy—HCC Honors

  • Jessica Moore—HCC Leadership

  • Sherri Moseley—Brandi Noel Ogburn Memorial Nursing, District 17 NC Nurses Association, HCC Leadership, Hazel Piner Lawrence Memorial

  • Olivia Parks—Edgar and Mary Hutchinson Memorial, Roanoke Valley Home Builders Association, HCC Freshman

  • Marion Payne—HCC Leadership

  • Beatrice Pierce—Eugene Craig Shell Memorial

  • Chiqueta Pullen—Peter Luther Kasper Memorial

  • Amanda Rickelman—HCC Honors

  • Misty Rowland—HCC Sophomore, Robert L. Armstrong Memorial, Shirley R. Garner Memorial Nursing, Halifax Electric Membership Corporation

  • Marchella Sanders—Halifax Regional Medical Center Auxiliary

  • Rebecca Shafer—Wilkie Real Estate

  • Chiquetta Silver—Henry Mollie Louise Farber Memorial

  • Rebecca Simmons—Robert Whitley Memorial Rotary, Prospective Teacher, Howerton Gowen Memorial

  • Antoine Smith—Presidential Initiatives

  • Barbara Motley Smith—Yolanda Denise Powell Memorial, HCC Leadership

  • Antonio Squire—Presidential Initiatives, Judson and Mary Belle Middleton Memorial

  • Christopher Tkacik—State Employees Credit Union Foundation, Marcella Marks Liverman Memorial

  • Amanda Tucker—HCC Education, HCC Leadership

  • Lisa Vaughan—Harry, Evelyn, and Josephine Freid

  • Heather Vick—HCC Honors

  • Demeatrice Ward—Alice J. Lewter Memorial Fund

  • Sarah Wheeler—HCC Freshman, Sara Crawley Boseman Memorial

  • Carol Whitaker—State Employees Credit Union Foundation, Lillie J. Solomon

  • Angela Whitley—Sandra Ward Memorial, Harry Branch, Joyful Sounds Gospel Chorus

  • Courtney Williams—Embarq

  • Christi Williford—Hoffman-Arthur Dental Hygiene, Coastal Lumber Company, HCC Sophomore

  • Karl Wiltsie—Charles Preston McElheney Family, Pete Amsler Memorial/Stray Cats Hot Rod, Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Thomas Wrenn—Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Julia Stanley-Elizabeth Hitchings Memorial, HCC Sophomore, Roanoke Rapids Lions Club

The Halifax Community College Foundation, Inc. was established on April 7, 1976. At the time, college leadership determined that new sources of funding would be necessary to enable the college to carry out its planned programs and to assist students who were ineligible for traditional financial aid. The foundation was created as the main vehicle for raising tax-deductible funds from the private sector. Foundation personnel conduct an annual Campus Fund Drive and a community fund drive to solicit support.

For more information on how to establish a scholarship at HCC or for general information about the HCC Foundation, call (252) 536-7234.