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HCC Industrial Systems Technology instructors Don Beaver, left, and Jason Bone with alum William Mason, center.

For approximately 25 years, the Industrial Systems Technology Program at Halifax Community College (HCC) has been providing quality graduates not only to the immediate area, but also to places as far away as California. Graduates have the potential to earn yearly income in excess of $60,000.

After the creation of the Industrial Maintenance Program, which was headed by Louis Mann, Raybon Bone and Don Beaver were hired to instruct special electrical and mechanical programs for JP Stevens. With the completion of these programs, two new associate degree programs were introduced—Electromechanical Technology and Electronic Engineering Technology. Later, the Electromechanical Technology Program and the Industrial Maintenance Program merged to form the current Associate Degree/Diploma in Industrial Systems Technology.

The quality of the program is not only evident by the fact that local industries seek HCC graduates, but also by the comments of the graduates themselves.

HCC alum and Kapstone Paper and Packaging Corporation's Supervisor of Electrical and Instrumentation William Mason said, "The knowledge and skills gained through completing the Industrial Systems Technology Program at HCC provided me the tools I need be progress in my career. The Associate Degree provided me the background to be successful in obtaining my bachelor' s and master's degree."

"My education in Industrial Systems Technology at HCC made a solid foundation for me. It allowed me to pursue a degree of higher education and gave me a strong background of knowledge and skills that I have been able to use with my career and personal business ventures. I recommend attending HCC to follow your dreams and opportunities," Janice Barnes, Instrument & Electrical Precision Maintenance Trainer and Technician at Kapstone Paper and Packaging Corporation, said.

Alum Glenn W. Outland, Environmental and Fuels Manager at Westmoreland Power Operations, LLC, Roanoke Valley Energy Facility said, "The Industrial Maintenance Program at HCC provided the tools I needed to choose a career path that allows me to provide for my family and increase my worth to my employer. Halifax Community College is an asset to our facility. Approximately forty percent of the current Fuels Department staff has previously been enrolled in the Industrial Maintenance Program at HCC."

"The Industrial Systems Technology Program at HCC helped immensely when trying to secure a career. The program as a whole prepared me for many different aspects of industrial settings. The Electrical Machines and PLC classes assisted me when I began employment at PCB Piezotronics. Where two months after I was hired, the skills I obtained at HCC surpassed expectations so much that I was promoted to production coordinator of IMI, which is the industrial division. The Instrumentation, Motors and Controls, DC/AC Electricity, and Blueprint Reading classes allowed me to obtain my current position as a Code Enforcement Officer with the City of Roanoke Rapids," said Matt Glenn.

Gary Moseley of Ossid Corporation in Rocky Mount said, "Halifax Community College was by far the best learning experience I have ever been through. The Industrial Systems Technology Program provided the background I needed to rise to my current position. The instructors care about their students and want the students to learn."

From the success of its alumni, it is clear that the Industrial Systems Technology Program can be a pathway to a rewarding career. Contact Don Beaver at (252) 536-7278 or Jason Bone (252) 536-7276 for more details on this program. Early registration is July 18-19, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.