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Interior Design—A Great Interest
By Janet Clarke

Several years ago, I enrolled in the Interior Design program after my employment was ended due to Champion International cutting out short pulpwood. Interior Design has always been an interest for me. I love art, color, drawing, architecture, arranging furniture and working with house plans.

The Interior Design program at Halifax Community College enabled and equipped me to build and improve the skills I need to be a designer. While taking classes, my husband and I built our new home. This has always been a dream of mine. We have heard most people who have built a new home say that it is a nightmare. The education that I received at HCC was a tremendous asset. It allowed me to know what to look for in the building process, how to communicate with our builder, to redesign parts of our floor plan, design the layout of our kitchen and most of all, the procedure in which to go about selecting the materials and products. This allowed me to stay ahead of the building and therefore, we were not stressed. I can truly say that building our home was a great experience and it allowed me to have another outlet from all of the CIS training that I was involved in at the same time.

The Interior Design program has given me the skills and knowledge that are needed to be a successful designer. I would highly recommend the program to any individual who has an interest.

For more information about the Interior Design Program, contact Instructor Alice Vaughan at (252) 536-7266 or e-mail vaughana@halifaxcc.edu.