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The Halifax Community College (HCC) Business Administration program celebrates its 40th anniversary March 11-17. The degree curriculum is designed to introduce students to the various aspects of the free enterprise system. Students are provided with a fundamental knowledge of business functions, processes, and an understanding of business organizations in today's global economy.

"Forty years and still changing lives," said Lateef Balogun of the program. Balogun is the HCC Business Administration department head and instructor. "The program has been here for as long as the college has been here."

"I feel Halifax Community College, and specifically the Business Department, is an asset to our community and was instrumental to me in realizing my educational goal," said HCC alum and current employee Page Clary. Among the benefits of attending HCC, Clary sited a convenient location, affordable costs, well-qualified instructors, evening and online business classes, and increased earning potential with the completion of the program.

Goals of the Business Administration program include:

  • Graduates will have a basic understanding of accounting practices, business law, economics, management, and marketing techniques
  • Graduates will complete a business plan during program work
  • The program will strive to improve the quality of life of graduates by preparing them for the workforce of today and tomorrow through diploma and associate degree programs
  • The program will provide the Roanoke Valley with the most qualified candidates and provide training through convenient means.

The Business Administration—Electronic Commerce, or E-Commerce, curriculum is also offered to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to secure employment in the Internet economy in government agencies, financial institutions and small to mid-sized businesses or industries. In addition to workforce preparation, this program provides skilled workers for the Internet economy who can help other citizens gain wider access to Internet resources.

"In celebrating our 40th Anniversary at HCC, the department faculty members and the student body would like to say ‘Happy Anniversary' to the College, and also encourage the community to keep giving its support to the College and the Business Administration program now and into the future," added Balogun.