Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

CAE Available Services for Students

CAE tutoring services are available to all enrolled HCC curriculum students.

  • Students can obtain a SRC from their instructor or the CAE (room149).
  • Students must complete the Student Referral Card (SRC) and include their availability and contact information.
  • Instructor will sign each SRC and encourage students to bring the completed and signed SRC to the CAE.
  • The SRC will be forwarded to the CAE by the instructor or students in order for scheduled tutoring services to begin.
  • Once the completed SRC is received by the CAE staff, students will be assigned and scheduled to work with a qualified tutor.
  • CAE tutoring services are available to all HCC curriculum students.

Students are required to complete a SRC for each class and semester.
Students must abide by the CAE rules.

CAE Student Responsibility

The CAE is an extension of the classroom that provide Academic Enrichment (AE) tutoring services and supplemental instruction.

  • All electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, etc.) must be turned off or on silent/vibrate mode before entering the CAE.
  • Cell phone usage must be taken care of outside the CAE.
  • Students are expected to be civil and respectful courteous of others and adhere to the posted rules
  • Students and tutors are expected to contact the CAE staff in the event they are not available to attend scheduled tutoring sessions
  • All students must sign in upon arrival and out before departure.
  • Students must provide all information requested on the Student Attendance Record (SAR) before each tutoring session or computer usage.
  • Students and tutors must comply with the “Student Computer Use Regulations” posted in the CAE.
  • Social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and games are not permitted on computers unless it is directly related to assignments.
  • Children are not permitted in the CAE (unless accompanied by an adult).

For Additional CAE Information

Direct questions and concerns to the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Coordinator at 252-536-7204 or 252-538-4328.

Student Rights