Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

CAE Available Services for Faculty

Student Referral Cards (SRC) are placed in faculty mailboxes or mailed to adjunct faculty at the beginning of each semester. Faculty members are encouraged to sign the SRCs and return the SRCs to the CAE. The SRCs are also located on the CAE’s website, Intranet, and the File Exchange (I Drive) for faculty’s use. Faculty may request additional SRCs as needed. Faculty may place pertinent course materials in the CAE for students to utilize.

Instructors also provide supplemental instruction or AE tutoring to students in the DREC or during office hours or by appointment. Faculty are required to document and complete the Student Attendance Record (SAR) after each tutoring session is completed. It is necessary to document tutoring sessions on the SARs (sign in sheet) for full time equivalency (FTE) purposes. All documented sessions will be given credit and included in the HCC FTE Report. Tutoring sessions must not be scheduled nor recorded during the student’s or instructor’s class or lab time. Forwarding the SAR by the end of each week is pertinent. The SAR can be placed in the CAE’s mailbox or returned to room 147/149.

Letter for Faculty