2011 Fund Drive
Get in Gear: Help Students Steer to the Finish Line!

This Year's Fundraising Projects

This year, we are raising funds for the following projects:

  • Christmas Party - The monies raised will be used to plan a Christmas celebration for employees. The expenses include food, entertainment and door prizes. Our goal is to raise $4,000.
  • Facilities Improvements - The funds raised will be used to provide equipment to serve disabled students, repair damaged flooring, provide equipment for the Wellness Center and make repairs to the greenhouse. Our goal is to raise $10,000.
  • Reading Horizons Computer Software - This software is designed to assist students with reading levels of 0-6. The computer software will be used for compensatory education, adult basic education and other lower-level functioning students. Our goal is to raise $11,691.
  • Student Emergency Fund - The monies raised for this fund will be used to assist students during emergencies. The funds might be used for transportation vouchers, book vouchers and a food closet for students. These funds will be limited to students with a financial need but who do not receive financial aid. The recipients will be selected by a fair and objective process facilitated by the Student Services Department. Our goal is to raise $4,000.
  • Student Scholarships - We have many scholarships to assist students with tuition and/or books. Visit the Current Scholarships page for a list of scholarships.