2011 Fund Drive
Get in Gear: Help Students Steer to the Finish Line!

Results of "Minute To Win It" Game Pledges

Total Amount Pledged: $370.00

Winner of each game:

Keyed Up: Katelyn Wiltsie
Tire Roll: Jerry Thompson
Trike-a-thon #1: Dan Lovett
Scoot Race: Shauna Jones
Motor Oil Mania: Willie Mae Alston
Trike-a-thon #2: Shaun Stokes

How much money was pledged for each game:

Keyed Up: $20.00
Tire Roll: $66.50
Trike-a-thon #1: $55.00
Scoot Race: $56.00
Motor Oil Mania: $134.50
Trike-a-thon #2: $38.00