Lifelong learning is proven to be a launching pad for long-term success. Halifax Community College's Workforce and Economic Development Division provides a perfect spring board for career achievement.

We strive to be your first choice for continuing education and lifelong learning. Our commitment to you drives our high-quality and affordable course offerings. This webpage offers you a diverse selection of courses tailored to enhance and update your skills, provide training for a new career path or provide you with personal enrichment and greater wellness. The time is now!

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Career and College Readiness
College and Career Readiness
offers adults, sixteen- and seventeen-year-old not currently enrolled in high school the opportunity to improve their basic education.
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Automotive / Computer Training / Career Readiness / Electrical / HVAC / Notary Public / Driving
Occupational Extension
offered for persons interested in building job skills and increasing career opportunities; classes are organized to meet the needs and interests of the community.
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Career Readiness Certification
Career Readiness (CRC)
a portable credential that promotes career development and skill attainment for the individual and confirms to employers that an individual possesses basic workplace skills
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CNA I / CNA 2 / Med Aide
provides vital support to both patients and nurses. From transporting, bathing, and feeding hospital patients, to stocking medical supplies and logging patient information
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provide tailored training solutions to help employees upskill, reskill and learn new skills.
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an online continuing education provider that offers courses and certification prep classes
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credentialed and customized training for organizations and individuals, helping them to become better prepared to respond to their community in need
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Human Resources Development
a pre-vocational and pre-employment skills training program designed to educate and prepare persons for success in the workplace
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Law Enforcement
courses for people who are looking to become employed in the field of Law Enforcement, Detention or Telecommunicator services
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Small Business Center
We collaborate with Federal, State and local entities to help business owners get the most current information needed to start and successfully operate their enterprise
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