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Services Provided by the Center:

Halifax Community College's EOC, provides academic advisement and admission information for qualified adults who want to go to college. Sometimes, the greatest catalyst to change and achievement is information and guidance. This is especially so for students who have just graduated high school, first time college students or those returning after an educational break, who may never have navigated through the higher educational system and need some assistance with the process. The Educational Opportunity Center's objective is to make that transition easier so that students are able to reach their educational goals. Enrollment at Halifax and or Roanoke-Chowan Community College is not required and we can assist with any school of their choice.

All Center Services are FREE!

If you do not have a high school diploma, you can still qualify for this program. We can help you find the resources to get your GED and get ready for college.

Educational Information

  • Two-Year Colleges
  • Four-Year Colleges
  • Trade and Technical Schools
  • GED Programs - Practice Test

Financial Aid

  • Federal and State Financial Aid Information
  • Scholarship Information Referral Services
  • Serve as a Resource to Other Community Agencies for Services EOC is unable to provide

Application Assistance For

  • Post-secondary school admission
  • Financial Aid
  • Online FAFSA Filing

Academic Advising

  • Assist in planning college majors and class selection

Career Counseling

  • Assist with career planning
  • Administer interest and career exploration assessments Workshops
  • Provide small-group workshops on study skills, financial aid, career decision making, and other topics

Colleges and University Campus Visits

  • Open House Days
  • Campus Visitation Programs