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Feb. 19, 2016
Halifax Community College hears results of Aspen Institute Roadmap to Excellence Institution report
WELDON, N.C. – Halifax Community College was selected as an Aspen Institute Roadmap to Excellence institution. Dr. Ervin V. Griffin Sr., president, applied to the Aspen Institute's North Carolina Roadmap to Excellence project as part of an invitation to all 58 community colleges in the North Carolina Community College System (NCCS). Of the 58 community colleges, eight were selected to take part in this project.

This project provided HCC with a comprehensive review in the areas of learning, completion/transfer, labor market and equitable outcomes feedback for the next steps in advancing models of excellence and improving student-learned outcomes success.

The report states "Halifax Community College has many strengths that contribute to the crucial leadership role it plays within its community, which faces high levels of poverty and limited opportunities for employment.

The institution is seen as a strong force for good in the community and is highly regarded in the community as well as within its campus. At all levels of the institution, faculty, staff and senior leadership demonstrate their commitment to serving the community and being responsive to the needs and aspirations of students.

By internal and external accounts, the culture of Halifax Community College is focused on ensuring that students succeed. Students consistently recounted examples of faculty and staff going above and beyond the norm to help them. Building on this clear commitment, the college has an opportunity to devise and implement a broader student success strategy. To do this, we recommend that the college focus particular attention on ensuring a higher degree of coordination between academics and student services, a structural and cultural divide that negatively impacts student success."

In the report, five recommendations were presented to reflect the greatest potential to improve student outcomes. The recommendations were:
  1. Address problems with the early alert system.
  2. Implement technology that promotes better coordination of student services.
  3. Improve onboarding processes.
  4. Create more deliberate student success agenda that identifies concrete goals for improvement.
  5. Continue to integrate data into decision-making processes throughout the institution.
Dr. Griffin is committed to the project and has appointed Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Assessment Dr. Adriane Leché, as the liaison/coordinator for the Aspen Institute Project. For the full report please go to https://goo.gl/KX4vPq.
Aspen Report
Rob Johnstone of the Aspen Institute and HCC faculty, staff and administration.
Halifax Community College's Mission
Halifax Community College strives to meet the diverse needs of our community by providing high-quality, accessible and affordable education and services for a rapidly changing and globally competitive marketplace.
Media Contact: Dr. Dianne Rhoades, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Halifax Community College and Executive Director of the Halifax Community College Foundation Inc., dbarnes-rhoades128@halifaxcc.edu, 252-536-7239