Campus Public Safety

Traffic Rules and Regulations

Halifax Community College Board of Trustees has set the speed limit on campus to 15 mph. This includes all parking lots and roads leading into and off campus. Our sworn Law Enforcement Officers have the authority to issue state or city speeding ordinances to help promote safe motor vehicle operations. HCC has designated Handicap parking located in each parking lot that allows for easy access for those who require short accessibility into our facilities. Handicap parking is for permitted vehicles only and must have permits displayed appropriately in window or on license plate. A state citation will be issued to anyone violating N.C. general statutes 20-37.6. Vehicles operating on campus must observe and obey all traffic signs. Watch your speed when driving through the parking lots to avoid unexpected vehicles backing out of parking stalls. Most accidents on campus are a result of backing out of stalls into oncoming traffic.

If you are involved in an accident on campus, immediately call for Campus Law Enforcement to complete an accident report. You can call 911 or the campus directory at 252-536-2551. Please do not leave the scene if damage has been done to your vehicle, another vehicle or any HCC property. All reports can be picked up at the Town of Weldon, 201 Washington Ave. Weldon from 9am- 5pm. There is a small fee for copies of all reports through Weldon Police Department.



Lock Out and Jump Starts

Halifax Community College administration understands that you are in a hurry to get to class and you may have left your keys in your vehicle or left your lights on. The Security Department is not available to help you to get into your cars with any unlocking devices due to possible damage it could cause to your vehicle. The department is also unavailable to jump start your car due to a run-down battery or other mechanical problems. We will be more than happy to assist you with contacting a Lock Smith or mobile mechanic to assist you with your vehicle needs. So, please take a few seconds before you close the door to make sure you have your keys and you have turned your lights out.