Campus Public Safety

Crime Prevention

▶ Security Incident Reporting (non-criminal)

Security officers are here for your safety and to observe and report both criminal and non-criminal activities to Campus Law Enforcement Officers. A Security Officer will write an incident report, take statements from victims and witnesses and may conduct a follow-up inquiry as needed. Security Officers may take student misconduct reports that are non-violent in nature or other violations of the student conduct handbook and report them to the appropriate department head for disciplinary action.

▶ Law Enforcement Criminal Reporting and Traffic Enforcement

The HCC Police Department will conduct all investigations that are considered criminal in matter. Traffic enforcement, traffic accidents or other vehicular incidents will be conducted by the Law Enforcement Officer on Campus. The Chief of Campus Security will inform the appropriate leadership on campus with regards to the nature, person(s) impacted, severity and what course of action is to be or will be taken based on the direction from the victim. Citations issued by a sworn law enforcement officer on HCC Campus (Weldon site) will be in the form of a North Carolina State Citation. It is the discretion of the officer to issue a citation based on the facts of the situation.

▶ Crime Prevention Starts With YOU!: "Your Own Understanding"

Protect Yourself
You are the key to your personal safety and the safety of others. Be aware of your surrounds and anything that doesn't appear to be normal. Greet people when you pass. This lets them know you are aware of their presence. Keep your personal items close to your body, make sure things are not hanging out of your pockets i.e.' keys, wallet, cell phone, money.

BE AWARE- recognize your vulnerability, don't walk alone at night to your car, request Security for an escort. Don't talk on your cell phone when walking to your vehicle or in a crowed parking lot. This allows for anyone to sneak up on you without you being aware of their presence.

REPORT - all suspicious persons, vehicles, and activities to campus security or law enforcement immediately. It is better to error on the side of caution that may prevent unwanted activities on campus that could save lives or protect property.

PROTECT- Keep your car locked at all times. Never leave valuables where they can be seen in your vehicle; lock them in your trunk. Do not leave any personal property lying around such as books, book bags, and purses. Hide GPS, phone chargers and lose money from plain sight in cars when parked on campus. Do not leave laptops or cell phones plugged into outlets in public areas unattended.

REPORT CRIME - Report any crime or suspected crime to either a Security Officer or Campus Law Enforcement Officer immediately. Try to get as much information as possible about the person or people involved; the direction of travel and what was taken or damaged. It is important to report this quickly in order to stop or prevent it from happening in the future. You can make an anonymous report via the website or over the phone as long as your purpose is to prevent or report a crime. Anyone found reporting fraudulent reports for malicious reasons will be reported to the Dean of Student Affairs and possibly be charged criminally.