Campus Public Safety

College ID Badges

Halifax Community College faculty and staff like to know who's on campus, therefore we require everyone to wear a HCC College ID badge. Every student is required to visit the Dean of Student Services to receive your student ID badge before attending classes. Every faculty and staff member of Halifax Community College is required to wear a college ID badge as well. We want you to know who we are just as much as we want to get to know you.

Visitors are required to visit Dr. Phillip W. Taylor Complex Building (100) to get a visitor's pass.

G.E.D. students are also required to wear HCC College ID badges while you are on campus.

Roanoke Valley Early College students are required to wear your school issued badges while on campus to assist faculty and staff with identification.

If a student does not have an HCC College ID Badge they will be asked to leave the campus or go to the Learning Resources Center (Library) to have a new ID made. If a student refuses to leave at the request of a faculty or staff member, the police will be notified and the student will be charged with trespassing. Your HCC College ID Badge will also serve as your library card.

If you lose or damage your HCC College ID Badge, you must replace it after you pay a fee at the Cashier's Office Building 300.