Campus Public Safety

Campus Evacuations

When a campus state of emergency is declared, all nonessential personnel, students, and visitors must immediately begin an orderly evacuation of the campus. Notification will be made by a text message, P.A. system announcement and through the college wide email system (as time permits). HCC Security Officers and Law Enforcement personnel will assist in directing traffic to ensure the safest and quickest evacuation. During an evacuation, an officer will be placed at the light to assist with traffic to promptly direct traffic off and away from the campus until it is safe to return. It is important to exit in a calm and safe manner and be respectful of other drivers. If you need to leave your vehicle during this time, you will be allowed to return back on campus when it has been deemed safe to return by a College Administrator/Director of Campus Security/Law Enforcement or Fire Department official.

If your vehicle has to be removed (towed) due to a mechanical breakdown or has been damaged as a result of the evacuation, you will be notified where the vehicle has been taken. Arrangements to retrieve your personal belongings will be made between you and the place where it has been taken. If law enforcement has seized your vehicle, it will be at the discretion of the department (in-charge) to release or allow you to enter the vehicle for any personal items in the vehicle. This will comply with all NC vehicle seizure laws and items deemed as States evidence in a criminal case.