Nurse-Family Partnership




Nationally, nurse visited mothers and babies have:

  • Fewer preterm births
  • More mothers breastfeeding at 6 months
  • More infants immunized at 6 months
  • Greater employment for the mothers
  • Increase in father presence and partner stability
  • Decreases in prenatal cigarette smoking
  • Fewer hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
  • Fewer closely-spaced subsequent pregnancies
  • Improved diet
  • Reductions in child abuse and neglect
  • Reduction in health-care encounters for injuries
  • Improved school readiness
  • Reduction in use of welfare and other government assistance

Since the start-up of Northeastern NC Nurse-Family Partnership in June 2012:

  • Expanded service and care into 5 counties
  • Fewer closely-spaced subsequent pregnancies
  • Encouraged addiction and mental health resources for mothers in need
  • Connected mothers-to-be and new mothers to employment resources