Nurse-Family Partnership




Client Quotes

Marissa, NFP Client and Mom

The nurse support program is truly a life saver. As a first time mom I had so many questions, ideas and concerns. My nurse has been so supportive and such an advocate for me, having a genuine individual who simply wants the best for you and your growing family is so comforting. Not only did I receive on-'going support and resources, I've also got the chance to meet other moms and nurses. It's truly a free resource I'm proud to advocate for and encourage new moms to join.

Adonika, NFP Client and Mom

I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be like going to a doctor’s appointment but just at home and with more information. It’s more about getting information that I need; it focuses more on my needs. Unlike the doctor’s office appointments my nurse takes time to answer questions more in depth. I feel more prepared, ready, had more information on what to expect with becoming a new mother.

Danielle, NFP Client and Mom

I wasn’t sure what to expect, just as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as a new mother. Once meeting my nurse, I was happy to have her assigned to me. Her spirit is so warm and loving that her presence brightens your day. I was impressed how my nurse made myself and my child priority in her life. She was well informed, effectively communicated and dedicated herself to making sure we had everything we needed.

Emily, NFP Client and Mom

I feel like it (NFP program) is dedicated to individual families and geared towards their needs and expectations since everyone has different needs. I didn’t expect all the effort and thought the nurse does to make sure all needs are met and she is very reliable and there whenever I needed her. I like how reliable she is and no judgment and I can talk to her about anything going on in my life and she is always there for support and encouragement.

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