Early Childhood Education

HCC's Early Childhood Graduate (ECG) will:

Use theory and research – to apply educational research and theory to implement age appropriate activities in their classroom to support learning.

Be reflective decision makers– in their practice to determine strengths and areas of improvement for continued personal and professional growth.

Develop relationships and partnerships– with other professionals as well as establish partnerships with families, businesses and community organizations.

Become life-long learners– and seek additional opportunities for personal and professional growth outside of classroom activities and upon employment to stay abreast of new and innovative educational practices.

HCC Early Childhood Education Program's Conceptual Framework

HCC Early Childhood Education graduates will be able to SUCCEED at home and in a broader cultural context. Our graduates will practice:

Social responsibility & professionalism.
Utilization of child theory and appropriate child development practices.
Compassion in advocating for children & their holistic wellbeing.
Confidence in their knowledge, skills, & abilities.
Equality in a culturally diverse society.
Education… pursuit of ongoing and lifelong learning.
Discipline and drive to work in early childhood settings serving children from birth through age 8.

Through reflective decision making, relationship building and knowledge rooted in theory and research, our graduates will have the confidence to practice social responsibility, make developmentally appropriate decisions, have compassion for and treat all children and their families with respect and dignity, be able to design, and implement and assess developmentally appropriate, inclusive experiences in a variety of early childhood settings.