Campus Public Safety

Weapons on Campus

The State of North Carolina has allowed for weapons to be on any property owned, leased, or occupied by any North Carolina educational institution, if you have a valid Carry Conceal Permit and the weapon remains in a locked trunk/glove box or storage device at all times while on campus. You cannot have it on you or display it while on campus unless you are protecting your life or the lives of others during an emergency situation that would justify use of deadly force. This does not include: rifles, shotguns, black powder, BB guns, air rifles, bows, swords, box cutters, knifes, etc., but is not necessarily limited to these items. If you have any questions relating to weapons on campus, contact a Campus Law Enforcement Officer before bringing a weapon on campus. This includes any weapon that complies with the Carry Conceal Permit Law, NC G.S. 14-415.11(c). Violation of this law could result in being charged with a felony, dismissal from campus and or loss of Carry Conceal Permit.

Register Concealed Handgun (voluntary)