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Distance Counseling*

Distance counseling services are available to students at HCC. The counseling is provided via email and/or telephone. Any counseling service that is available on-site is available to distance learning students. Counselors providing counseling services via technology (i.e., telephone or computer) have been trained in distance counseling best practices. Distance counseling is designed for the students to be able to ask general questions specific to their academic goals. Distance counseling is intended to address topics such as: enrollment requirements, programs offered, college transfer information, and referrals to other HCC services. Distance counseling is not designed for services such as: crisis counseling, placement test information, transcript evaluations, transfer of other college courses, etc. Due to the nature of some questions and the complexity of the responses, there may be occasion when a student is asked to come to the counseling department to further discuss the issue. All responses are informational and advisory in nature and not to be construed as therapeutic. Response time will be based on staff availability and will be answered during normal counseling department business hours. The advice provided via distance counseling does not supersede HCC policies and procedures.

*Confidentiality cannot be assured when using distance counseling services