Download a Printable Copy of the Instructions Here

1.  Login to Web Advisor
2.  Click on Students

3.  Under “Registration”, click “Register for Sections”

4.  On the “Register for Sections screen, choose “Search and Register for Sections”.

5.  On the “Search/Register for Sections page, you must select the term you wish to search within.  Click on the drop-down arrow beside Term and click the Term for which you wish to register (Ex: Fall 2009).  You may click SUBMIT at this point or enter other parameters to search for classes.

6.  After selecting Term and/or other search parameters, click SUBMIT to get your results.  A list of sections based on the search parameters you entered will be returned.

7.  From the list of sections, you can start to build your list of preferred sections.  If the status is Open, that means that seats are available and that you can select this section by clicking in the box under the column Select.  You are not registering now, you are simply building a list of preferred sections.

8.  After you have selected courses for which you would like to register, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.  You may have to scroll down if there is a long list of courses.

9.  After you have created your preferred list of sections, you can proceed with registration. In the ACTION block beside each course, for which you wish to register, use the drop-down arrow to select RG-Register.  When you are finished, click SUBMIT.


10.  Web Advisor will return a Registration Results page.  If you received no error messages, your status will show “Registered for this Section”, as it does below.  At this point, you can click OK.  You have completed your registration for the selection section(s).

11.  If you did receive red error messages (as seen below), you must follow the instructions you receive and/or contact your advisor.  A list of error messages and their meaning can be found at this end of this presentation.

12.  To view and obtain amount due after registering, login to Web Advisor.  Click on Students.  Locate heading “Financial Information” and click “Account Summary By Term”

13.  Look at the semester you have just registered for (2009FA).

14.  You will see the current amount due for the classes you have selected.

15.  You will need to come by the Cashier’s window during normal business hours to make payment.


How to Drop and Add Classes


Log in to Web Advisor

Click on Students.

Select Register for Sections under Registration.

Click on Search and Register and select the classes you wish to add.

The Register and Drop Sections will appear after you have selected your sections(s) with the classes listed in the Preferred Sections area. Any classes that you are currently registered for will show in the Current Registration area.

Select Register as the action for the sections you wish to add in your Preferred Sections. Select Remove from List for any that you do not want added to your schedule.

In the Current Schedule area, Click the box beside the class you wish to drop.

Review your selections carefully.  Now you should have the class(es) for which you wish to register checked in the top section, and the class(es) you wish to drop checked in the bottom section.


Web Advisor will return a results page showing the class(es) you have registered for and the classes you have dropped in the same session.

Click OK to return to the Web Advisor main menu.


Note:   You may only drop and add classes during the Pre-registration and regular registration period.  You cannot drop and add classes after the last day to register.  You will need to see your advisor.


Troubleshooting Tips/List of Possible Error Messages


Class section is restricted to [certain major]

This course is restricted based on the student’s current major.  You cannot register for this section if this is not in your current major.

Low GPA Send to Counselor Before Registering

You are on academic probation.  You must meet with your advisor to complete an early alert form.  Once that is done, you must take the form to the counselor.  The counselor will remove the hold.  The counselors are located in the Counseling Suite (Room 312) in the 300 Building. 

Class section is closed.

The section you selected is full.  Review the schedule of courses and select another section with a status of OPEN.

Class section requires registration in [class section]

There is a required matching class section for this class.

Student may not register for (class section) at this time.

Pre-registration and registration online is closed.  CONTACT YOUR ADVISOR.

[Class section] conflicts with [class section].

These classes have overlapping times, and you will not be allowed to register.  Select a class that does not overlap with courses already in your schedule.

Student does not have a current academic program

See the Admissions office.  You do not have an active current major.

[Course] has an optional co-requisite.

Disregard.  The co-requisite is optional.

Incomplete File.  See Admissions.

Something is missing in your file.  See the Admissions Office.

You may not drop classes at this time.

It is after the deadline to drop a class.  You may only withdraw.  Withdrawals cannot be done through Web Advisor.  You must see your Advisor or fill out a withdrawal form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

Student owes a library fine.

You either owe a library fine or have materials that are overdue.  You must see the library staff to resolve.

Business Office hold

You have a business office hold.  You must see the cashier to clear the hold.

You do not meet the rules setup for this registration.

You must see your advisor before registering. 

Academic Probation– see Counselor before Registering

You are on academic probation.  You must meet with your advisor to complete an early alert form.  Once that is done, you must take the form to the counselor.  The counselor will remove the hold.

Prerequisites have not been started

This course requires a prerequisite.  You cannot register for the course until you have passed the required prerequisite.