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Access Webadvisor here

Prospective Students - Searching for Class Sections

On the WebAdvisor main page click on the Prospective Students icon.

You will see a link for Search for Sections.

Click on Search for Sections.  This menu will appear on your screen:

Follow these steps to search for sections on WebAdvisor:

  1. Select a term from the drop-down box beside term. Example: 2008FA
    Enter the Starting On/After Date and Ending by Date.
    Example: Starting On/After Date: 06/01/08
    Ending By Date: 12/31/08

  2. Select at least one of the other options to search for Sections.  You must select at least one.
    Example: Click the drop-down menu for Subjects and select a subject.

  3. Then click SUBMIT
    The Section Selection Results menu will appear with a listing of sections based on the criteria you entered.

  4. You can click on any Section Name and Title to get additional information about the course. After reviewing course information click on CLOSE WINDOW to go back to the Section Selection Results.

  5. On the Section Selection Results screen, click OK when you are finished or if you would like to enter new search criteria.