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Halifax Community College

Halifax Community College Educational Opportunity Center
Halifax, Northampton, Hertford, and Bertie

Message from the Director

M Bailey Welcome to the website of the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) at Halifax Community Colleges. The Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) serves traditionally under-represented individuals by preparing them for success in post-secondary education. We provide educational outreach services by providing personal attention in earning a GED and enrollment assistance to any college, university or career technology center nation-wide.

Rather you are returning to college or never been before, our team of advisors will help you complete your college application and financial aid process. I personally "Guarantee" that I can get you accepted into a college and or university somewhere to begin your higher educational journey.

EOC is a pre-college resource for adults who have made a decision to pursue higher education. Whether you have decided to earn your GED credentials, a professional certification or a Bachelor's degree, the EOC Program Staff will help you pursue your academic dreams.

The EOC is committed to assist adults to enter or re-enter colleges and universities of their choice as we attempt to serve 1,000 adults annually. Henry Ford, once said, "Whether you think you can OR think you can't, you're right". We at Halifax Community College Educational Opportunity Center, believe that you can. Take the first step, contact an Outreach Specialist today.

Michael A. Bailey, MA
Director, TRIO-Educational Opportunity Center
Halifax Community Colleges