In Memory Dr. Phillip W. Taylor

Dr. Phillip W. Taylor created a legacy at Halifax Community College (HCC) that has sustained the institution for more than fifty years.

Named the first president of Halifax County Technical Institute (HCTI) in February 1968, Dr. Taylor developed a vision for the new school that would forever change Halifax County. Under his leadership, HCTI grew from 15 graduates in 1968 to more than 5000 in 1988. In addition, he led the charge to purchase the tract of land that is still home to HCC, overseeing the construction of the new campus, beginning in 1977.

Dr. Taylor had a history in education before he came to HCTI. He had served Lenoir County Community College as the dean of Adult Education, and also taught vocational agriculture classes in Northampton and Pitt counties. His commitment to education, and the devotion he had for students, was never more evident than during his nearly 21-year tenure at HCC. Long after his time as president ended, Dr. Taylor remained dedicated to the future of the College. Because of this commitment, the main building on campus was renamed the Phillip W. Taylor Complex in 2013, solidifying his place on campus.

With his passing, HCC is left with a hole in its heart. Our first leader — our first champion —is no longer with us. However, now more than ever, the administration, staff and faculty are committed to continuing the legacy Dr. Taylor started. Each of us remains committed to the future of HCC. Our hope is that Dr. Taylor will look down on us and smile, watching as the College he loved continues to flourish.


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