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Halifax Community College NC TechHire Program

Program Objective

To equip area ?out of school? youth and others with skills that will allow them to participate fully in the area?s economy

Program Information

Who Is Eligible?

  • Halifax or Northampton residents
  • Youth ages 17 to 29 (75%)
  • Unemployed or incumbent workers of any age (25%)

How Do I Get Into The Program?

  • Complete the TechHire Participant Application
  • Register for the courses indicated in your Individual Employment Plan (IEP)
  • If selected, interview for the program
  • Agree to the program parameters and guidelines

How Much Does The Program Cost?

Tech Hire Program will provide at no cost to the enrollee:
  • Tuition/fees costs
  • Books/Classroom supplies costs
  • Uniforms/Special Supplies costs
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Paid Work Experience Arrangements

How Long Does The Program Take To Complete?

  • Courses vary in length. A student may receive a Certificate, Diploma, or Associate Degree
  • There is not a specified length of time that an enrollee can remain in the program
  • The ultimate goal is that the enrollee obtain full-time unsubsidized employment

What Courses Are Included In The HCC NC Tech Hire Program

  • Welding Technology Courses
  • Industrial Systems Technology Courses
  • OSHA 10 Courses
  • Human Resource Development (HRD) Courses
  • Career Readiness Certification (CRC) Courses

Contact Information:

John Foriest
Director of Resource Development
(252) 536-7280

Tony Butcher
TechHire Coordinator/Instructor
(252) 536-6384

Khalil Ingram
TechHire Program Assistant
(252) 538-4318