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Programs and Services: Men of Distinction

The Men of Distinction (MOD) is a special recognition component of the P.R.I.D.E. Mentoring program and represents the highest level of accomplishment or achievement for participants. MOD is reserved for men who have demonstrated excellence in academic performance, personal growth, academic improvement, and professional development. It is also awarded for noteworthy acts that serve the welfare of others or humanity including personal, social, and community endeavors.

Induction into the Men of Distinction occurs yearly for men who have satisfied one or more of the following accomplishments:

Participate/attend ten (10) P.R.I.D.E. activities each semester including:

PRIDE Orientation (Mandatory)
Men to Men Summit (Mandatory)
Monthly Male Forums (Mandatory)
Gpa of 2.5 and above after 12 hours
Gpa increase .2 during a semester (ex. 2.0 becomes 2.2)
Gpa increase of .3 during a year (ex. 2.7 becomes 3.0)
30 hours of community service (MOD must complete 15 hrs each semester)
20 hours of mentoring youth via PRIDE or other organized groups
Faith based or other community recognitions
Earn 24 hours over two consecutive semesters--no more than 1 dropped course each semester
No unexcused absences during a semester
Upholds all Learning Coach and Mentor appointments during a semester
Enroll and consistently attend tutoring if grade of 'C' or less is received
Attends 10 cultural/professional development workshops (per semester)

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