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Programs and Services: Grooming Exceptional Men

The Gems Program recognizes men who uphold high standards of personal and professional presentation of themselves through dress, attitude, and behavior. Gems eligibility also includes personal health, hygiene, and respect for others.

Induction into the Gems program occurs yearly for men who observe the following:

Personal Presentation

Hats are removed when in buildings
Pants/slacks should be worn at waist level
Belts are standard part of wardrobe
Shirts fit to size and are free of offensive language
Shoes are neat and clean
Refrains from use of profanity and/or abusive language
Demonstrate full respect for women
Demonstrates respect for diversity
Stocking caps & bandanas are not worn on campus

Hygiene / Health

Hair (head, facial, body) is neat, clean, manicured and presentable
Nails are clean and neat

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