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What is the Freedom to Learn?
The Freedom is the official name of the Grant that funds the PRIDE of Halifax Male Mentoring Program. The grant is funded by the Department of Education Predominantly Black College Initiative.

What is the PRIDE of Halifax?
P.R.I.D.E. of Halifax Male Mentoring Program (PReparing men for Intellectual, acaDemic, & Educational success) is a college success and leadership development program that is designed to enhance academic performance, student satisfaction, success, retention, and graduation, and 4-year college transfer rates.

What does P.R.I.D.E. stand for?
PRIDE stands for PReparing men for Intellectual, acaDemic, & Educational success

Who can join PRIDE?
PRIDE is open to all men at HCC. The program also offers a provisional program for students enrolled in the GED program at HCC.

When should I apply to the PRIDE program?
Immediately. Applications are accepted during the summer, fall, and spring terms. Students should join as soon as possible to experience the full benefits of the program.

Is there a GPA requirement?
No, all men at HCC are eligible to participate in the PRIDE program.

How many men does PRIDE serve?
P.R.I.D.E. serves 150 students from Halifax and western Northampton counties and includes intensive monitoring, tracking, and wrap-around support services.

Can I participate in PRIDE activities if I am not in the PRIDE program?
Yes, but only those registered with the program may participate in the PRIDE Induction, business and college visitation programs, academic recognition programs, basketball tournaments, and paid workships/ internships.

Individuals not officially accepted into the PRIDE program should complete an enrollment application. After the application and enrollment assessment forms are complete, eligible students may immediately participate in program activities.

How can PRIDE benefit me?
Pride offers the following services to help students experience success. See the Programs & Services page for a full list of programs and services offered.

What is a Learning Coach?
Learning coach (LC) is a program counselor/advisor. An LC is assigned to each participant and is the first point of contact for all questions, challenges, problems, academic, personal, and social concerns. LCs assist with identifying strengths, weaknesses, personal assets, etc.

Learning Coaches: Develop individualized college success plans and monitor performance/progress from initial enrollment through graduation and/or transfer Are cross-trained in policies, procedures, and resources and act as primary contacts for solving problems throughout the enrollment period.

How can a professional mentor help me?
Professional mentors help mentees personally, professionally, academically, and with community uplift. Personally, they will stress self-sufficiency, independence, and spirituality. Professionally, they will stress lifestyle change, decision making, and professional presentation. Academically, they will focus on grades, attendance, time management, and tutoring. They will also encourage community uplift and the importance of giving back to the community.

What is a Workship?
A workship is an on-campus work opportunity for P.R.I.D.E. participants.. The program, similar to the federal work study program, provides students with essentials necessary to develop good work ethic (punctuality, communication skills, multi-tasking, etc.). Ideally, students participate in a workship assignment for at least one semester before being they are transferred to an off-campus internship. Students are able to work a maximum of 10 hours per week at $7.25 per hour.

What is an Internship?
An internship is an off-campus work experience for students enrolled in the program. This work opportunity provides valuable work experience in a field closely related to the students' future career aspirations. Workships are similar to internships, however, workship job placements are situated on the HCC campus. Both allow students to work 10 hours per week at a rate of $7.25 per hour.

Where is PRIDE located?
PRIDE offices are located in the Halifax Community College, Building 100 room 109 .

PRIDE is located in what rooms/offices?
There are two locations The main office is located in the 100 building. room 109. The learning coaches are located in rooms 332, 333 and 334.

What is the PRIDE telephone number?
To learn more about the PRIDE program call (252) 536-5413

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