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Halifax Community College


Mission, Vision and Values Statements


HCC strives to meet the diverse needs of our community by providing high quality, accessible, and affordable education and services for a rapidly changing and globally competitive marketplace.


HCC will continue to be a catalyst for educational, cultural, and economic progress in the Roanoke Valley by anticipating and responding to the needs of an evolving global community.


Integrity: We uphold the ethical standards of truth, humility, respect, and fairness to all people.

Service: We actively support service to our community through our participation and collaboration in worthwhile community service activities.

Continuing Learning: We value the process of teaching and learning by maintaining a culture of academic excellence in a student-centered environment.

Collaboration: We promote the combined efforts of all stakeholders in accomplishing our common goals by fostering open communications and strengthening our partnerships with our many stakeholders.

Accessibility: We provide pathways and support to all who seek educational opportunities, personal enrichment or a higher quality of life.

Innovation: We embrace new and creative approaches to improve the quality of our education and services for our community.

Diversity: We believe an appreciation of differences adds to the richness of our students, the learning environment and the personal development of our entire community.

Accountability: We take responsibility for continuous quality improvement, student success and focused outcomes, serving the expressed needs of our community, utilizing our fiscal and educational resources wisely, providing quality education and services by planning strategically and making data-driven decisions.

Approved by the HCC Board of Trustees June 25, 2013