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March 21, 2014
HCC Women of Excellence host 2014 Women’s Conference
WELDON, N.C. – The Halifax Community College (HCC) Women of Excellence mentoring group held its fifth annual Women to Women Conference on March 20 in The Centre as part of HCC's celebration of Women's History Month. The theme for the event was "The Ingredients of a Successful Woman."

Techstars Associate and Harvard Business School Master of Business Administration (MBA) Candidate Brittany Davis was the keynote speaker. The conference kick-off speaker was The Honorable Julia Meacham, mayor of Weldon.

"Life is a journey," said Meacham. "Maturing comes in stages with every birthday. It's a process of growing." During her presentation, she showed photographs highlighting her life's journey. "How would you describe success," she asked. Meacham noted the many different hats women wear in their daily lives. Her slogan is "From Santa Claus to menopause, women can do it all."

Meacham also touched on the ingredients that it takes to be a successful woman. These include character—respect, commitment—support your idea, compassion—care about people, confidence—believe in yourself, integrity—honesty, vision and actions—be part of the solution, and attitude—determination. "To succeed, you must be willing to try," Meacham said.

She also discussed the importance of networking and staying healthy. "Keep in mind, your life can be whatever you want, but you must be in control and have the ambition, desire, motivation and willpower to stay focused on your mission to be a successful woman," concluded Meacham.

"Success is something you actually decide," said Davis. "There will be setbacks, but if you have the right mindset… you can turn any situation around." She presented "Success is a Journey: The Directions You Need to Keep You on Your Path to Success" and outlined the "game plan" for success including these steps:

  • Define your success—it is different for everyone
  • Write down your goals—this makes them real, but they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound or SMART
  • Follow the success triangle—by focusing on and succeeding at one thing, numerous opportunities can open up later
  • Clear the clutter—how can you conquer fears that are holding you back; self- improvement
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)—consider how you react to situations and how you interact with others and are perceived; people with high EQ make $29,000 more annually
  • Build a team—this team is your foundation; you need other people's support
  • Find mentors and advocates—connect with them and one conversation will lead to another; remember to ask how you can be helpful to your mentor
  • Be your own cheerleader—you have to be your own advocate; showcase what you've done
  • Know what gives you energy and strength—know what builds you up, realizing that there will be times when you will be challenged
  • Fake it till you make it—present yourself in the best possible way; be comfortable, but look sharp. Use body language to your advantage and try power poses to influence how you feel before presentations and interviews.
A number of activities took place during the conference including breakout sessions and a luncheon. Sessions included:

  • First Impression Mannerisms by Ruby Vincent Ward (Etiquette Consultant, LKG Consulting, LLC)
  • Line Dancing by Charlotte Richardson (HCC Cosmetology Instructor)
  • Your Physical Well-Being by Terry Mason, RT-RM (Roanoke Valley Women's Imaging Center)
  • Smart Dollars and Sense: During & After College by Tonya Mason, RN (Rex Hospital, Raleigh)
  • College Life: The Real Deal by Sheril Roberts (HCC Psychology Instructor)
  • Round Table Discussion: Sister to Sister by Dr. Barbara Bradley-Hasty (HCC Dean of Student Services)
  • Fantastically Flawless Fingers by HCC Cosmetology Department
  • Candid Conversation with Brittany Davis (Techstars Associate and Harvard Business School MBA Candidate)
Special thanks went to The Daily Herald, HCC Student Government Association and HCC Student Support Services. The event was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education PBI Formula Grant.

Davis Meacham
Brittany Davis Mayor Julia Meacham
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