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Jan. 10, 2014
HCC joins forces with legal system to create new Driver Safety Course to assist citizens
WELDON, N.C. – Halifax Community College (HCC) President Dr. Ervin V. Griffin Sr. and District Attorney Melissa Pelfrey are proud to announce a new resource for citizens in our community. Beginning this month, the College will be offering a Driver Safety Course. During the 16-hour class, instructors and students will cover topics including speeding, restraint systems, vehicle equipment, distracted driving and aggressive driving.

Pelfrey shared that she has been working with the community college for almost a year now in their efforts to provide a class promoting safe driving that the people in our community could better afford.

"There have been private groups offering classes similar to this, however, they cost hundreds of dollars," said Pelfrey. "Halifax Community College will only be charging $70 for this program."

Organizer and HCC Law Enforcement Coordinator/Instructor Greg Parker has come up with a unique twist for the College’s program, explained Pelfrey. This course will also include a section on dealing with the criminal justice system.

"With recent changes to the criminal laws in North Carolina there has been growing concern that people coming into the criminal justice system for traffic violations will not fully appreciate the potential impact driving charges may have on them. Halifax Community College’s new course will help the Courts in this regard as well," said Pelfrey.

While anyone can take this course, people charged with certain offenses may only receive assistance from the District Attorney’s office upon successful completion of the course. In order to find out if you are eligible for a reduction or dismissal in your criminal case, contact the District Attorney’s office at 252-593-3010 and tell them you are calling about the Driver Safety Course.

Pelfrey hopes that this added resource will increase safe driving and reduce traffic violations. She added, "In an area where we are always hearing about what is not available for people in our community and the court system, it is good to be a part of an effort bringing help through education to our citizens."

For more information or to register, call 252-536-7279 or 252-536-7216.
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Halifax Community College (HCC) President Dr. Ervin V. Griffin Sr., left, and District Attorney Melissa Pelfrey, second from left, are proud to announce a new Driver Safety Course for citizens in our community. Also pictured are HCC Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Deryl Davis Fulmer, HCC Dean of Workforce Development, Continuing Education and Community Services Dr. Vera J. Palmer and HCC Law Enforcement Coordinator/Instructor Greg Parker.  
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