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Halifax Community College receives federal funding for
Allied Health Expansion Project

  United States Congressman G.K. Butterfield of the 1st District of North Carolina visited Halifax Community College (HCC) today to announce a federal appropriation of $190,000 for the college’s Nursing/Allied Health Expansion Project. President Ervin V. Griffin, Sr. accepted the much needed appropriation on behalf of the trustees, students, faculty, staff, and administration at HCC. 


HCC is creating, with the encouragement of Halifax Regional Medical Center, a state-of-the-art, on-site Human Patient Simulator Lab (Sim Lab) for the training of nursing students in a “virtual clinic setting.” The lab will offer skill enhancement and competency testing for existing nursing staff at the hospital and other nearby hospitals, and provide hands-on training and skill development for emergency medical, allied health, and nursing personnel from other health organizations in the region. 


It will also provide hands-on, participatory learning. Through the use of technologically advanced mannequins in a setting that effectively simulates a modern health care facility, students will have the opportunity to perform the procedures they read about in textbooks. This will give them increased clinical skills. Instructors will have the ability to simulate many of the medical situations that students will face in the real world.


The introduction of a Sim Lab at HCC will involve structural upgrades, virtual reality IV training systems, training mannequins and task trainers, and furnishings and bedside equipment. It will also require the installation of hospital head-walls and attachments, classroom visual media upgrades, audio upgrades, and faculty training. Currently, HCC students are served by a lab that simulates a 1960s hospital experience. This severely restricts their clinical experience during training.


“This is not as much as I want it to be, and not as much as President Griffin wants it to be or the board wants it to be, but it is a step in the right direction,” said Congressman Butterfield about the appropriation.


“This lab will not only help our RNs and LPNs, it will help us with our CNAs and all the training we will be doing with our police and fire departments and EMTS. It will be something that will be helpful to all of us,” said President Griffin. “Congressman Butterfield, on behalf of all of these students, we really do want to thank you for this first step in upgrading our nursing facilities here at HCC.”


The mission of HCC is to strive to meet the diverse needs of the community by providing high quality, accessible, and affordable education and services for a rapidly changing and globally competitive marketplace. The college actively works to continue its role as a catalyst for educational, cultural, and economic progress in the Roanoke Valley by anticipating and responding to the needs of an evolving global community. The values of integrity, service, continuing learning, collaboration, accessibility, innovation, diversity, and accountability are embraced in all areas of the college’s life and work.



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Dr. Griffin G.K. Butterfield with Check for $190K

 U.S. Congressman G.K. Butterfield, left, and HCC President, Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr.