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Halifax Community College welcomed motivational speaker Althea Riddick to campus Feb. 28. Currently the Vice President of Instruction at the College of the Albemarle, Riddick has served in a variety of departments during her college tenure and she has been recognized throughout the Southeast for her motivational speaking talent.

In her presentation, "Putting Your Best Foot Forward," Riddick compared shoes to education and skills. “It's hard to put your best foot forward if your shoes don't fit,” she said.

Riddick emphasized that community college students must decide what is important to them. She asked how much students were willing to sacrifice to reach positive life goals. “You must prioritize your life. …You can't keep all of your shoes. …You have too many unnecessary distractions. …Doing less as a way of achieving more is quite simple. The hard part is figuring out what you want to accomplish,” said Riddick.

According to her, family, friends and fans, or the three F's, can be a student's worst enemy. “They don't understand what you're trying to do,” she said. “They want you to do what you've always done before you became a college student. …Time needs to be the variable and learning needs to be constant.”

Riddick also emphasized having purpose and discipline, and avoiding distractions and procrastination. “It's a myth that you don't have enough time. Everybody's got 24 hours,” she continued. “It's what you do with it that's important.”

Lastly, Riddick said, “If you choose the right shoes for the right occasion to put your best foot forward, you will have joy and experience happiness more days than not. …It's your attitude that will get you where you need to be. …People remember how you make them feel.”