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from left: Williams, Gee, Raymond, Mann

Four students were recently elected for Halifax Community College (HCC) Student Government Association officer positions for 2007-08. They are now gearing up to get other students involved in school events.

With many hours spent outside of the classroom, President Qiana Mann, Vice President Jerrold D. Williams, Public Information Officer Theresa Raymond and Secretary/Treasurer Spinosa M. Gee are ready to get even more HCC students interested in what's happening around campus.

Mann, a resident of Murfreesboro, is enrolled in the Associates in Arts program. “I believe that the students should have a voice in some of the major decisions that the college makes for the student body. I wanted to be that voice,” said Mann. Her goals are to graduate from HCC with honors and become a positive and productive member of society. She first noticed HCC when she passed by going to the mall and she always knew she wanted to go back to school. While checking the Internet, Mann saw the courses offered and decided then to pursue her studies at HCC.

A resident of Henrico, N.C., Williams is pursuing a degree in Information Systems/Computer Networking. He decided to become involved with SGA after being inspiring by HCC's president, Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr. Williams wants to leave a benchmark of excellence as a standard for the new student group, Men of Distinction, and future students. “I love my community and HCC,” he said.

Raymond, who lives in Littleton, is enrolled in the Associate in Arts program. “I wanted to become involved with the SGA because it was my way to give back to HCC,” she said. “I wanted to do something positive that would not only affect me, but my classmates as well. I hope to help everyone make the best out of their community college experience.” Raymond came to HCC because of the programs being offered such as Student Support Services and Men of Distinction. Although she had the option of attending a different community college, she was persuaded to choose HCC because of the staff and programs. “Everyone here is so helpful and they want to see each student succeed. I knew right then that this was the school for me,” said Raymond.

Gee, a resident of Roanoke Rapids, is in her second year of service in SGA. “I thoroughly enjoyed SGA last year and wanted to be active again this year,” she said. “I hope that we [SGA] can perform different activities that help support the community and the students at HCC.” Enrolled in her second associate's degree program, Business Administration, Gee initially chose HCC because of convenience and timing. She had just been laid off from a job and decided that it was a good time to go back to school. “The staff and faculty are very personable and helpful, and I would encourage anyone that wanted to attend college to start at Halifax,” added Gee.

According to its constitution, the SGA is the official student organization that acts in the common interest of the student body by promoting political awareness, unity and school spirit and serving as the liaison between the college's administration, faculty, staff and student body.

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