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By Rhonda Segars

I enrolled in the Interior Design Program because I have always been interested in architecture. I am especially drawn to historical properties and antique furniture from the Victorian age. I am fascinated by beautiful woodwork and amazed by the works of craftsmanship when modern tools were not available.

The Interior Design Program has allowed me to study different types of architecture and furniture styles. It has allowed me to expand my creative thinking and offered me opportunities to explore a creative side of me that has not been tapped into regularly in my life. I teach accounting as my profession, and although I am extremely happy with what I do, I have spent my life studying rules and regulations and business practices. Rules and regulations are important to be successful in business, but they have left me dry and thirsty to expand myself as a creative human being.

The Interior Design Program has allowed me to develop creative skills and become a well-rounded individual. Designing has allowed me to have vision, and it has allowed me to create and put into practice whatever I dream. Designers shape our future and they add color and impact to our lives. I am pleased that I have been able to take classes in the Interior Design Program, and I am very satisfied with the skills that I have gained in this program. We have a wealth of opportunity here at HCC, and we are fortunate to have the Interior Design Program on our campus.

For more information about the Interior Design Program, contact Instructor Alice Vaughan at (252) 536-7266 or e-mail vaughana@halifaxcc.edu.