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By Student and HCC Employee Sherry Agee

For many years, it has been a goal of mine to finish my education. I am excited to be currently enrolled at Halifax Community College (HCC) in the Business Administration curriculum, with a goal of obtaining my bachelor's degree in Organizational Management & Leadership. It is my further desire to pursue a master's degree after this as well.

I am highly skilled and trained, but lack the necessary education and degrees to compete for higher paying jobs. Too often, employers do not recognize people without a college degree as viable contenders within the marketplace, despite the enormous practical and job-related knowledge one may have.

The education I have received at HCC in the Business Administration program has been invaluable. I have learned things that will not only benefit me in the long run, but I am also utilizing the training received within my current job. Being able to further develop and improve my skills has been a tremendous opportunity for me. My educational experience at HCC within the Business Administration program demonstrates and exemplifies "Learning comes to life!"