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By Alumna and HCC Employee Page Clary

Although I was blessed with great business teachers in high school who made sure that I was equipped with skills that prepared me for the workforce at that time, my desire to earn a college degree in the future lingered for many years after my high school graduation.

As my business career began, I was offered and accepted my first position as a clerk/stenographer with the State Board of Education in Richmond, Virginia. As life event evolved, I found other work opportunities with federal, state, and local governmental agencies, as well as private hospitals and physician offices. I seemed to have found my niche working in the office environment but without a business degree I felt I would not be able to expand my career choices. I had the desire to be an administrative assistant and/or executive secretary and so I decided to start on my journey to earn a college degree. In the process of deciding when and where to begin, I found the location at Halifax Community College to be convenient, the cost of tuition/fees/books to be affordable, and the time was right for me. As a full-time wife, mother, and employee, I began slowly by only taking a few classes each semester. I wanted to ensure that I could balance all of my responsibilities well and earn good grades in my college courses. As my confidence in my ability to balance everything grew, I increased my curriculum load to a comfortable level.

Along this educational journey, I made some new friends with common interests and I learned deep respect for those instructors who went the extra mile. Although my family and I made many sacrifices, I met my educational goal and received an Associate in Applied Science Degree (Business Administration) from Halifax Community College in May 2002.

By this time, my career had already started on the incline when my employer promoted me to an office management position. I was also invited by Halifax Community College's Business Department to serve as a member on their Advisory Committee, which continues to be a privilege. The many years of work experience, along with the Associate in Applied Science Degree (Business Administration), gave me the confidence to apply for an Administrative Assistant position at Halifax Community College, which I began in January 2005.

I believe the benefits of attending Halifax Community College are numerous, and a few are listed below:

Location is good for students who live in the Roanoke Valley.

Tuition/fees/books are affordable.

Instructors are well qualified and eager to help you meet your educational goals.

As you work toward and earn your Business Administration diploma or degree, you will probably experience increased confidence and self-esteem.

Career earnings are likely to increase upon completion of your diploma or degree.

Evening and online Business classes are available.

In summary, if you are interested in earning as Associate Degree in Applied Science Degree with Business Administration as your major from an accredited educational institution, you should consider Halifax Community College. I feel Halifax Community College and specifically the Business Department is an asset to our community and was instrumental to me in realizing my educational goal.