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Applying for HCC Foundation Inc. Scholarships

Deadline to apply for scholarships is June 13, 2019 no later that 5:00 p.m.. No packet will be accepted if put under the door after 5:00 pm on this day.

Download the Scholarship Letter ( for information on application guidelines, deadlines, and application checklist)

Download the Scholarship Recommendation Form (this form can be emailed to your recommenders, and they will be able to type into and save the form)

Download the Scholarship Application Form (The form can be typed into and saved. If you are unable to type in the form, use a browser other than Firefox or save the document to your computer or flashdrive first).
For a list of scholarships: click here.

Halifax Community College (HCC) scholarships are available to assist students who have demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and completion of a program at HCC.

Scholarship application forms are available from this Web page and from high school counselors and the HCC Financial Aid Office. Only one application needs to be submitted for all of the scholarships available.

Here are frequently asked questions about HCC scholarships:

What grades do I need to qualify?
The criteria vary, but the minimum is a GPA of 2.0. This does not apply to GED graduates.

Are there scholarships for part-time students?
Yes, some scholarships are available for part-time students. These awards are based on the number of hours you enroll.

How can I increase my chances of being selected?
There are several things that will increase your chance of being selected as a scholarship recipient:

Complete the entire application and submit it by the deadline. Students who submit incomplete and late applications will not receive scholarships.

Get good references. References from someone who has known you on a professional basis (employer, teacher or counselor) are best. Do not use recommendations from family members.

Write a good applicant statement. Be sure to answer all of the required questions within it.
What is the deadline for applying? The deadlines vary. Please check the scholarship application for this information.

I'm a GED graduate. Can I qualify for a scholarship? Yes. In fact, there are several scholarships that are just for GED graduates.

Do I have to submit income tax forms? No. You must submit these forms to apply for federal financial aid but not for a scholarship.

How are recipients selected?
Members of the scholarship selection committee will review your application and score it based on set criteria. The applicants with the highest average score who meet all of the other scholarship criteria will be selected to receive scholarships.

How will I receive the scholarship?
You will be notified by mail or email if you are selected. In addition, you will receive a list of the things you must do to receive the award. If you are awarded a scholarship, the funds will be applied to your student account or given to you in the form of a check.

Could I lose my award?
Scholarship recipients must maintain a specified GPA, attend the annual donor appreciation event and scholarship awards ceremony and maintain the appropriate number of credit hours to receive their award for the spring semester.

How much are the scholarships?
The number and amount of awards vary and change each semester.

For more information, please call 252-536-5479 or email Thank you and best wishes!